Monday, August 31, 2009

The 4 Lost American Ideals

We recently had a conference call where we listened to Oliver DeMille explain the four most important ideals that were present with the Founding Fathers that are missing today.
  • Georgics
  • Providence
  • Liber
  • Public Virtue

What this presentation teaches about Freedom and America are eye opening and inspiring.

To learn more details about Liber, come to the Face to Face with Greatness Seminar, Sept 25-26, 2009!


  1. American as in those who came after the Native Americans. The previous inhabitants of this land, the Native Americans, did not believe that land, or nature, could be owned, therefore Georgics would be a foreign concept to them. I say that because I think it is important for us to remember how we came to own this land. However I do like the ideal of incorporating small-scale agriculture in our patchwork of life. History will come to affirm the megalopolis as an ill-advised side trip in human civilization, I believe.

  2. You're correct about the Native Americans have a different perspective. I just did a post with more information about Georgics today that you might be interested in. We're planning on setting up a Georgics workshops with William and Vernie DeMille soon. Watch this blog for more details.