Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Five "E's"

I've come up with The Five E's" and it has become my learning "mission statement."

I create an Environment where
my kids are Exposed to great things
in an Engaging way so that they
can Explore and Experiment.
What I really like about this is it clearly delineates what my responsibility is and what they're responsibility is and where we meet in the middle.
  • My job is the environment and to expose.
  • We engage together.
  • Their job is to explore and experiment.
I'd love to hear what other people think or how we could expand this idea.
ToriAnn, UT

We think this concept she has put into a phrase to easily remember, helps one to focus on the tone and goal of the parents in raising their children in an educationally rich home.

Note, her mission incorporates these TJEd Principles:
Inspire, Not Require; Structure Time, Not Content; Simplicity, Not Complexity; You, Not Them

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