Thursday, July 8, 2010

Georgics Tradition Alive & Well in PDX!

I would like to introduce to you William and Vernie DeMille! (brother of Oliver DeMille). William and his wife Vernie have recently settled in the Willamette Valley (Oregon City/Molalla area) and have invited us to come and visit their farm, "C'est Naturelle Farms" on July 23 where they are having a screening of the documentary film FRESH!

They had done this last month, but somehow I didn't get word of it until too late to notify anyone in time -- this time we have ample time to help spread the word and I'm thrilled to be able to attend -- and I hope you can too!  See the movie poster below for more information. And if you're not familiar with Georgics, see my post on it here.

OH and before I forget, you can also see their blog about the farm and what they've been doing by going to the Sidebar at left and under the Related Links section see: Georgics Tradition the three links there are all their different websites.

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